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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The difference in image quality between Geforce 7xxx and Radeon X1xxx

For the lovers game had 2 producers chip graphic that they liked, that is Nvidia and ATI. Both Nvidia and ATI had the lover. The lover ATI always regarded that the quality of the picture that was produced videocard ATI better compared to Nvidia. Whereas the lover Nvidia, Nvidia lover said over it. Was the quality of the picture true videocard ATI at this time better than Nvidia?

The view concerning worse him the quality of the picture videocard Nvidia in fact emerged in 2003, to be precise when Nvidia launched the Geforce FX series the series 5000. Bad him the Geforce FX achievement at that time made Nvidia carry out the trick to increase the achievement by reducing the quality of the picture. This precisely increasingly aggravated the Nvidia reputation and opened the opportunity for ATI to seize the throne. At that time chip graphic the ATI mainstay that is Radeon the series 9000 was proven could overcome Geforce FX in the achievement and the performance.

Be aware of this weakness, in 2006 ATI finally also had given the support Shader the Model 3 in the series X1000 they, so as the potential for videocard Nvidia and ATI to produce the quality of the good picture currently same.

Realised that, Nvidia as the producer chip graphic no. 1 certainly did not want to remain quiet. Various methods were carried out by them to more superior compared to ATI. When in the era 2003 they carried out the decline trick in the quality of the picture that was pointed to one blunder fatal, currently they look for the other method that was smarter to overcome the quality of the picture videocard ATI. this Method was in a conspiring manner together game the developer to ruin ATI.

Nvidia was serious enough in undertaking this conspiracy strategy. Moreover they acknowledged this strategy as TWIMTBP (The Way It's Meant To Be Played). When one game carried the TWIMTBP logo over xPRONposs shoulder, significant game this was made with the Nvidia interference inside, and has been ascertained by the quality of the picture/the best achievement will only be received when used videocard Nvidia. In logic, clearly impossible when one game that was sponsored by Nvidia evidently appeared equally good him when using ATI.

Apparently this strategy it was considered really was successful by Nvidia, so as they were increasingly aggressive in embraced game the developer. Till at this time, almost 90% game that circled in the market was made with the Nvidia interference inside. To see game-game any that could be seen in the site

To prove the difference quality of the picture between videocard Nvidia and ATI, along with this was done by various quality comparisons of the picture in a manner details by using several game popular.

the quality Comparison of the picture was carried out by using 2 sorts game that populer
1.Test the quality of the "Need For Speed Most Wanted" picture
2.Test the quality of the "Tomb Raider Legend" picture

Setting fitur & the quality in all game above was arranged to the level of details most maximal with the resolution 1024x768.
Anisotropic filtering was arranged to the highest level and FSAA was activated when enabled.

- NVIDIA : Geforce 7600GT, 7900GS, 7900GT
- ATI : Radeon X1950 Pro, X1900XT
- Intel Core2 Duo E6400 (2.13GHz) overclocked @ 3.2GHz FSB400 (FSB1600 QPB)
CPU Cooler :
- Thermaltake Waterblock W0010 + custom cooling tower
ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFi AP (intel P965)
Memory :
- 2 X 512MB Kingston "Hynix" DDR2 533 @ DDR800 (4-4-4-12)
80GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA2
SilverStone 400W dual-rail
Nvidia Forceware 91.47
ATI Catalyst 6.11
Windows XP Professional SP2
DirectX 9c June06

TEST 1: Need For Speed Most Wanted

Up until this second, NFS Most Wanted still was game racing with the best picture. Moreover his picture still better than NFS Carbon that just was released. Although NFS Most Wanted did not carry the Nvidia logo, but apparently the developer & publisher game this, Electronic the General Practitioner, could feel his comfort ate dinner with Nvidia. The guest plate of the wine and the pretty woman that were served by Nvidia could make programmer Most Wanted was willing to give the best picture game this only for the user videocard Nvidia then.

When you had heard the complaint of several players game about the picture that too much was dazzled in Most Wanted, then could be ascertained that gamer this used videocard ATI. because indeed so the special disaster gift was given for fans ATI.

In videocard ATI, the implementation mistake of HDR/Bloom, that resulted in the picture being too clear, will happen although fitur overbright was off. With this situation of many objects will lose details, and foolish him again buildings still apparently dazzled although in the condition at dusk day.

For more information saw the picture comparison screenshot below this.......

Details of the object of the building and the texture of the hill with used videocard Nvidia was seen clear. Whereas in videcard ATI, the glare made the building almost was not seen that was resulted in because error in the implementation of HDR/bloom effect. Moreover the texture of the hill was only seen as the yellow colour was dazzled then.

In videocard Nvidia, details of window glasses to the skyscraper building still were seen although his glasses reflected the sunlight. Whereas in videcard ATI, the reflection of the sunlight was too extreme because that made the building lose his details.

With videocard Nvidia, the wall of concrete buildings reflected the reflection of the light normally, whereas in videocard ATI, the wall of concrete buildings seem like was like glasses that reflected the reflection of the light in an extreme way, as a result the object was still losing details.

In videocard Nvidia the tip of the road was still being seen clear, whereas in videocard ATI the tip of the road often was not seen because of being cleared was dazzled him the light. This that often was complained about gamer that used videocard ATI, because of the condition was dazzled this made the bend on the end of the road to be still being not seen clear so as made game more was difficult to be played.

The picture in videocard ATI got bad and unrealistic in the condition at dusk. Buildings were seen shone dazzled although in minimal sky the sunlight. Whereas in videcard Nvidia, the reflection of the light that in buildings was seen natural and was harmonious with nuances of the atmosphere around.

Same like the example of the picture beforehand, in videocard Nvidia details of the building were seen clear and the reflection of his light at dusk the day was seen natural, whereas in videocard ATI, buildings to was seen strange with his light that dazzled, seem like like the atmosphere in the other planet.

The reflection of the light at dusk to building glasses was seen natural in videocard Nvidia, whereas in videocard ATI buildings was seen appeared to shine with the reflection of the light that dazzled, so as to be impressed unrealistic and the contrast with the atmosphere of the atmosphere at dusk.

In videocard Nvidia objects of the wall of the concrete on the left was seen natural. Whereas in videcard ATI, objects of the wall of the concrete that necessarily was not reflective to was seen obviously dazzled in an extreme way, made the atmosphere to like in the circus's arena.

TEST 2: Tomb Raider Legend

Lara Croft, the main leading figure in game Tomb Raider, was the character was most popular and phenomenal in the history of the industry game. Because famous until Tomb Raider had finally been appointed to the movie screen. Nvidia knew correctly the potential for the popularity of Lara Croft to jack up the sale videocard they. Because of that they embraced tight game his developer and did the conspiracy together so that fitur Soft Shadow did not function in videocard ATI.

A series of warning was shown when the installation game this to remind his user that the best picture game this only will be gotten if used videocard Nvidia then. This warning of only nonsense completely..? Of course not..............

In videocrad Nvidia, the picture of the shadow was seen soft. This showed that the Soft Shadow implementation went perfect. Whereas in videocard ATI soft shadow did not function so as the shadow was seen rough and serrated (jaggies).

The character shadow of Lara Croft was seen soft in videocard Nvidia. Whereas in videocard ATI the shadow was seen rough.

This comparison showed in an again clear manner the quality of the shadow in videocard Nvidia and ATI. the Shadow of Lara Croft in viodecard ATI was impressed rough and strange.

The conclusion:
the Superiority of the quality of the image was determined by shrewdness of the business strategy.

The view concerning the quality of the picture videocard ATI more superior than Nvidia was lost already. In practice, the quality of the picture to the image videocard ATI was seen more bad and problematic in many game. This in fact not because of the ATI failure made chip graphic, but because of Nvidia shrewdness in take by the hand game the developer for quality sabotage of the picture videocard ATI in many game.

Did sabotage that was carried out by Nvidia be dishonesty..............?

In the eyes of the consumer, the action that was carried out by Nvidia not a dishonesty. Because the consumer continued to receive the quality of the best picture when used videocard Nvidia. Nvidia also has warned in the beginning game with the existence of the logo or the warning that the best picture will only be gotten when used videocard Nvidia.

So when having the user videocard ATI that was disappointed because of "destruction" of the quality of the picture, that because of being wrong they themselves why did not use videocard Nvidia to play games this.

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